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Closeup of businessman and woman discussing on stockmarket document in office
Closeup of businessman and woman discussing on stockmarket document in office

How to Tell if You’ll Fit a Company Sales Culture
Company culture is often the difference between a fulfilling career and a dead-end job. Research from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business connects a positive corporate culture to increased employee productivity, creativity, and overall business value.
Even if a prospective employer has a popular offering or a competitive benefits package, if the culture of their sales department doesn’t match your working style, they probably aren’t a fit.
Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide if a company’s culture is right for you:
1. What’s the company’s maturity level?
A pre-revenue startup is going to have a different working environment than a company doing seven figures a year. In a small, young company, you may be one of just a few salespeople, with lots of responsibility but an opportunity to greatly impact the future of the business. On the other hand, a larger company may provide you with more sales support, but well-established reps may already have connections with the biggest buyers.
2. Are they focused on growth or product development?
Some companies devote most of their resources to an innovative offering, or a disruptive model that occupies a completely new space in the market. At these product-centric companies, developers and engineers are often the focus, rightly so: the business needs to play to its strengths to continue to grow.
The key is finding an organization with a balanced focus on product development and customer acquisition. In a piece written for the Harvard Business Review, HubSpot Chief Revenue Officer Mark Roberge discusses how he continuously adjusted the company’s sales compensation plan to align with the business goals as HubSpot continued to grow. You should find an employer who will devote time and energy into properly supporting and incentivizing its salespeople.
3. What’s the working style?
With the popularity of eCommerce and inbound selling, inside sales is on the rise. Forbes reported that the demand for inside sales jobs increased 54% in 2013. But maybe your strengths are best in an outside sales approach that gives you more freedom and flexibility.
Working style also refers to your physical environment. Are you spending most of the day working in an open-plan style bullpen with your coworkers? Or will you be in the car traveling from appointment to appointment? Try to find a position