Answering Your Customer’s Questions: Why Change, Why Now, Why Us?

Sales leader Doug Bleszinski joins me for today’s episode to talk about his company, the pioneer for livestream ecommerce, Bambuser. As the Vice President of North American Sales, Doug enthuses over the company’s explosive and continuous growth, while sharing his passion for innovative work and the tools he relies on for success. He advises the use of honest and authentic networking, encouraging inward and outward vulnerability, and promotes the qualities of diversity and momentum that Bambuser exhibits. As Doug continues to build his team, he looks for members who are comfortable being uncomfortable, evaluating their emotional quotient, industry knowledge, and ability to drive revenue — and above all, he hopes to find people who truly understand the company and are equally as thrilled to see it grow. Interested in applying to be a member of Doug’s team at Bambuser? Get in touch with Doug Bleszinski through LinkedIn at, Twitter at Doug Bleszinski, or email using Over Quota is sponsored by the j. David Group, a retained sales search firm for lean start-ups. If you’re looking to hire a sales leader for your next stage of growth, please visit

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