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Building a Bottoms-Up Capacity Model To Identify the GTM Resources Needed To Hit Your Target with Lindsey Meyl

In this episode of “The Goats of Growth”, I interview Lindsay Meyl, co-founder of RevAmp, a platform that enhances the impact of revenue teams by analyzing and intervening in all revenue-generating activities. We discuss discuss her bottoms-up capacity model  and the common mistakes people make in capacity planning–particulary pertaining to have the proper GTM resources to hit your target.  You do not want to miss out on this episode if you’re capacity planning for 2024. 

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Bottoms Up Capacity Planning Model ([00:04:34]) Jay discusses the bottoms up capacity planning model created by Lindsay and asks her about common mistakes people make in their planning for the future.

The go-to-market strategy ([00:11:13]) Explains the different components of a go-to-market strategy, including outbound and inbound actions, partner plays, and customizing resource ratios.

Assigning demand channels ([00:12:18]) Discusses how the model assigns specific demand channels based on the go-to-market motion, allowing for easy translation into pipe council meetings.

Establishing baselines and improving productivity ([00:17:07]) Emphasizes the importance of setting personal baselines for performance and improving from there, rather than relying on external benchmarks. Also discusses the relationship between headcount and productivity in achieving revenue goals.

The monthly targets for revenue ([00:21:04]) Discussion about the monthly targets for each team to ensure they are on track to meet the revenue target.

The importance of having a tool like Revamp ([00:21:59]) The need for a tool like Revamp to provide visibility and ease of analyzing information to improve performance.

Knowing when to scale ([00:23:31]) Exploring the concept of scaling based on leading indicators of success, such as time to value and net retention revenue.

The big goal ([00:31:17]) Lindsay Mitchell talks about her goal for Revamp to become the next HubSpot and disrupt the go-to-market industry.

Preferred way to learn ([00:32:17]) Lindsay discusses her preferred ways to learn, including listening to podcasts and participating in go-to-market communities and courses.

Favorite thing to do when not working ([00:34:09]) Lindsay reveals that she enjoys reading as her favorite activity when she’s not working.

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