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Executive Benefits–What To Offer And What You Should Negotiate, with Evan Macedo

Welcome to another episode of “The Goats of Growth”! Today, I sit down with Evan Macedo, the Treasurer & VP of Operations/Finance at Sapers and Wallack, a financial services business. We’re diving into the world of executive benefits packages and why they matter for venture and private equity portfolio companies

In our chat, Evan breaks down why these packages are a big deal for attracting and keeping the best talent. He shares practical tips on designing these benefits, making sure they match what employees really want and need. Plus, if you’re a new executive, Evan has some straightforward advice on how to negotiate your own package.

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The importance of executive benefits packages ([00:02:03]) Discussing why having the right executive benefits package is critical for attracting and retaining talent.

Case study: Offering a competitive executive benefits package ([00:03:59]) Exploring how a tech company under $100 million in revenue can offer a benefits package to incentivize a new Chief Revenue Officer and retain them.

Common mistakes in executive benefits packages ([00:09:34]) Highlighting the lack of communication and understanding of benefits as a common issue in companies.

The importance of communication and meaningful benefits ([00:10:18]) We discuss the importance of effective communication and offering benefits that hold personal value to employees.

The “Keep Plan” to incentivize employee retention ([00:11:22]) Evan introduces the “Keep Plan,” which offers financial incentives for employees with children going to college, encouraging them to stay with the company.

The Sharpe Concept for maximizing retirement savings ([00:12:38]) Evan explains the Sharpe Concept, a supplemental alternative retirement program that allows individuals to maximize their retirement savings beyond traditional 401(k) plans.

Unreasonable Expectations ([00:21:41]) Discussion on the importance of doing homework on a company and avoiding unreasonable expectations from an incoming employee.

Long-Term Investment ([00:22:12]) Importance of finding the right fit between company goals and employee goals to avoid making a bad hire and the benefits of upfront due diligence.

Motivation to Help People ([00:23:33]) Evan’s motivation to wake up every day and help people by solving their retirement worries and providing peace of mind.

Evan Macedo’s contact information ([00:31:46]) Evan shares his contact information and encourages listeners to visit the company’s website to learn more about their services.

Show notes with Evan Macedo’s details ([00:32:15]) Jay mentions that they will include the details of Evan Macedo’s contact information in the show notes for easy reference.



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