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How To Build & Scale A Team-Based Incentive Program

I’m celebrating episode 100 with David Barron, Global Director of Sales, leading teams in North America for HubSpot, the unquestionable pioneers of inbound marketing software and a leading marketing automation. Since it’s early days, HubSpot has evolved into much more, including the products that David’s team sells, which are HubSpot CMS, Service Hub and Operations Hub.   In todays episode we discuss

  • Creating a compensation and incentive based structure.
  • Setting clear expectations for the sales teams.
  • Implementing a hiring philosophy.
  • What to look for when scaling and building a team.
  • The importance of a diverse high performing team.
  • Restructuring onboarding to maximize training.

All of that and more! If you’re looking to scale and build a diverse, high performing team, this episode is a must listen.

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