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How To Choose The Right Sales Leader At The Right Time

(Republished from June 2020.)

I recently interviewed Samuel Clemens, Partner at Accomplice VC & Founder of Reprise, which helps customer facing teams capture, edit, and assemble the perfect demo every time. 

We discussed the 3 types of sales leaders critical to early stage start-up success. The first type is simply founder-led sales because they know the product best and should be able to close the first handful of sales on passion–as long as their is market fit.  The second type of sales leader is what he calls the expeditionary sales leader who can help create and define a repeatable playbook. The third type of sales leader is someone that is process based and can take that playbook, refine it, and then scale the sales team. 

Additionally, he shared the critical attributes needed in each sales leader, the one thing that he thinks really defines an organization’s culture, the 3 big mistakes he’s made in the past when scaling a sales organization, what sales leaders should NOT do during their Board meetings, and much more.


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