How To Master Your Job Search From Phone Screen To Follow-Up

Looking for a job can be stressful. In this episode, I interviewed Zoe Silverman, Director of Talent & HR at Yesware, to help de-stress the entire process from start to finish. We covered a lot of ground, including what will likely hurt you on your initial phone/video screen, how to demonstrate that you’re thoughtful and self-aware upon your initial meeting, particularly if it’s virtual, what you must do as a sales candidate if you want to work for Yesware, and much, much, more.

Also, Zoe let me know that, in an effort to increase anti-racism programming and support the Black community, Yesware is offering 10 free seats of their Enterprise product for US-based Black-owned businesses under 50 employees. To find out more please email Yesware at

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