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How To Properly Instrument a Go-to-Market Org to Enable Scalem with Mike Conti

In this episode, I spoke with Mike Conti, VP of Sales at Copado, about how to properly instrument a go-to-market org to enable it to scale.  We delve into the importance of aligning sales with what buyers really want and how companies can revamp their product descriptions and marketing materials to emphasize the benefits of their products, leading to increased sales.

Mike also walks me through crafting a winning sales plan, which includes implementing a tiered pricing strategy and offering different product bundles to cater to various customers to boost revenue while improving customer satisfaction

Finally, we discuss the importance of getting everyone at the top on the same page. He shares a story about how Copado’s leadership team came together to define a clear vision for the company’s growth, which served as a compass for all their strategic decisions.


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Finding Your Buyer [00:03:13] The importance of finding the right target audience and marketing the problem rather than the product to attract qualified leads.

Aligning Sales Process with Buyer Emotions [00:07:33] Understanding the emotional journey of the buyer and aligning sales activities with each stage of the buyer’s emotions to move prospects efficiently through the buying cycle.

Instrumenting a Scalable Sales Model [00:10:00] The process of continually tweaking and optimizing the sales model to make it scalable, including lead generation, qualification, value demonstration, and post-sales activities.

Finding the Buyer [00:11:05] Discussion on the importance of understanding the organization’s structure, decision-makers, and their motivations to navigate the sales process effectively.

Building a Strategy to Win [00:13:06] Exploration of the need for executive alignment, commitment, and investment from early customers, as well as the significance of their role as references in crossing the chasm.

Instrumenting a Scalable Sales Model [00:13:30] Explanation of the process of hiring and scaling a sales team, ensuring resource alignment, enablement, and the exploration of additional channels for growth.

Building teams and businesses [00:22:25] Mike discusses his motivation for building teams and businesses, and the importance of developing salespeople and seeing a business succeed.

Finding the next exciting opportunity [00:23:00] Mike shares his goal of finding a challenging new opportunity by January.

The future of AI in biotech [00:25:18] Mike discusses the potential for AI to make advancements in the biotech space, particularly in genomics and the development of cures.

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