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How To Use Differentiation As A Strategy–Separating The Sheep From The GOATS, with Ken Ferguson

My guest today is Ken Ferguson, the CRO of Virtualitics, which offers innovative next generation enterprise AI, machine learning, and 3D data visualization solutions. Ken has a proven track record of success as a revenue leader and enjoys building teams and solving complex problems.

In todays episode we discuss how differentiantion can and should be used as a go-to-market strategy, along with other topics such as:

  • Surrounding yourself with others that are better than you 
  • Understanding the problem you’re trying to solve as a company and your unique capabilitities 
  • The importance of building resilence and a strong belief system in your product and the process
  • Why creating your own catorgory matters
  • How being different can create the ability to connect with customers 
  • Why curiosity wins every time

All that and more in this episode. 

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