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The Keys To Reducing Churn And Increasing Revenue, with Jeff Kushmerek

In this episode you’ll hear my interview with Jeff Kushmerek, the CEO and Founder of Infinite Renewals, which helps SaaS and B2B emerging tech companies reduce churn and significantly increase recurring revenue. I wanted to interview him to help us understand more about the importance NRR and GRR plays in growing and scaling revenue, and how Customer Success is at the heart of it. 

In this episode we’ll cover: 

  • The most important metric to focus on this year given the ecomonic headwinds
  • What companies get wrong when it comes to increasing value and reducing churn
  • How new logo sales teams can play a crucial role in increasing retention and mitigating problems during implementation 
  • Why it’s critical to involve CS in the sales prcoess and at which point should they be introduced
  • How to avoid difficult customer conversations
  • What sales reps should avoid doing to increase retention and NRR

All that and more on this episode. 

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