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The Next Milestone: Scaling Your Business from $1 Million to $10 Million

In this episode, I’m thrilled to introduce Collin Mitchell, the VP of Sales at Leadium. Colin has a remarkable background in founding and scaling startups, and today, he’s here to reveal why he chose to join Leadium. We jump right into the core of our conversation – asking Colin for his top recommendations to help companies surpass the million-dollar mark. His answer is crystal clear: sales is key. He suggests prioritizing strategic hires and smart delegation to propel growth as well as stressing the significance of processes, giving your team the tools they need to succeed. So tune in for some game-changing wisdom from Colin Mitchell. 

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The Journey to Lithium [00:00:00] Colin Mitchell discusses his journey from his previous company to Lithium and how Lithium helped him scale his startups.

Key Areas of Focus for Growth [00:02:14] Colin Mitchell shares three key areas of focus for companies stuck around the million-dollar mark to grow beyond that.

Building a Foundation for Growth [00:08:11] Colin Mitchell explains the importance of building a strong foundation for the business and scaling it to reach the 1 to 2 million and 2 to 5 million revenue milestones.

The journey to revenue leadership [00:12:40] Discussion on the challenges of scaling from 1 to 5 million in revenue and building a foundation for growth.

The role of AI in organizations and personal life [00:15:24] Exploration of how AI can transform businesses and personal lives, with examples of professional and personal use cases.

How to reach out to Colin Mitchell [00:20:47] Instructions on how to connect with Colin Mitchell, including leaving a review, sharing the podcast, and checking out the Sales Transformation podcast.

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