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Using Contact Data And Finding The Sweet Spot Between Quantity and Quality, with Mark Feldman

In this episode of “The Goats of Growth, I talk with Mark Feldman, Co Founder & CEO of Revenue Base. We disucss the pivotal world of data acquisition and its profound impact on business expansion and explore the delicate balance between quantity and quality in outreach strategies. Mark stresses the importance of active listening and adept problem-solving to drive sales aswell as the necessity of cultivating efficient growth in today’s dynamic market. 

And if you’re in need of understanding what the key strategies are for understanding and addressing customer needs on both logical and emotional levels, and how they contribute to driving sales, well we go into details in this episode. 

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Mark Feldman’s Background ([00:01:06]) Mark Feldman and Jay reminisce about their first meeting and Mark’s career at Net Prospects.

Founding of Revenue Base ([00:02:03]) Mark discusses the impetus for starting RevenueBase and the problems it solves in data quality.

Challenges of Data Quality ([00:02:28]) Mark explains the frustration with data vendors and the focus on quality data at Revenue Base.

Time-consuming Data Acquisition ([00:03:45]) The discussion on the time-consuming and unreliable process of acquiring contact data and building lists.

Struggle with Data Quality ([00:05:23]) The continued struggle of database companies to provide quick access to accurate data for revenue and sales teams.

Acceptance of Bad Data ([00:06:13]) The normalization of dealing with bad data and the need for a shift in mindset towards data quality.

Steps for Marketing Growth ([00:07:20]) Mark Feldman advises on the steps for marketing growth, targeting the right audience, and personalized messaging.

Balancing Volume and Quality ([00:14:28]) Jay seeks advice on the balance between volume and personalization in outreach efforts.

Creating Segments for Targeting ([00:18:30]) Mark Feldman discusses the importance of creating segments and providing value to specific audience groups.

Scaling and Iteration ([00:20:36]) The discussion on finding the right messaging and knowing when to scale and iterate for growth.

The benchmark for change ([00:21:43]) Discussion on when to change strategies based on data benchmarks and the importance of recognizing false signals.

Avoiding early mistakes ([00:23:19]) The significance of listening to and understanding customer needs to avoid common mistakes that hinder growth.

Balancing growth and profitability ([00:26:08]) The shift in investor mindset towards growing efficiently and profitably, and the impact on valuations and exits.

Rapid fire five ([00:28:00]) Five quick questions to know more about Mark Feldman, including his motivations, preferred learning method, and favorite activities outside of work.

Learning from failure ([00:30:21]) Mark greatest defeat, lessons learned, and the importance of learning from failures to move forward.

Question for next guest ([00:32:43]) The question Mark suggests asking the next guest about advice they would give their younger selves at the start of their careers.

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