How Sales Leaders and Reps Can Reduce Stress By “Eating The Frog”

CEO, sales expert, and LinkedIn thought leader, Jake Dunlap, Founder & CEO of Skaled Consulting joins me for today’s episode to talk about a wide range of topics, including how sales leaders and reps can reduce stress. His advice is to “eat the frog”, which means to tackle the biggest and toughest challenges in chunks.  Seeing that his stress used to come from chaos, Jake became a master of planning and started adhering to an 80/15/5 rule for optimizing productivity.  He also highlights that part of a sales leader’s job is to minimize the stress for their team as well.  All that and more in this episode.

Join his many followers and connect with Jacob Dunlap on LinkedIn at You can also find him on YouTube at Jake Dunlap and Instagram at @jake_dunlap_.

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