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How To Simplify Your GTM Motion To Close More Deals with Joe Breen

Joe Breen, a senior sales leader who has led start-ups through hyper-growth, including SecureWorks, which grew from $1M to $300M—leading to an eventual acquisition by Dell. Most recently, he led Nuspire, an MSSP, to a 5 year revenue goal in just under 3.5 years, while scaling the sales team from 14 people to 40. 

In this episode we discuss the strategic decisions he made that had the biggest impact including:

  • The steps he took to simply the GTM messaging
  • How Nuspire went up market by asking a prospect how to sell to them
  • Repositioning and then rebuilding the sales team
  • His overall approach to leading and managing people
  • Why some sales people struggled and the skills really needed to succeed
  • How to handle the “maverick” on the team
  • How often to evaluate strenghts and weaknesses

All of that and more in this episode. 

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