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If You’ve Got Talent, Arcadia’s Got Culture!

This is the introduction of a new format designed to highlight companies that are actively hiring, and to give my listeners an exclusive way to apply.
In this episode you’ll hear how passionate and vested Tammi Pirri, Vice President of People Operations at Arcadia, is about building a culture that focuses on the happiness, inclusion, and overall well-being of their people. Based on my experience, most companies use the phrase “great culture” as bait to simply attract talent—with no foundation for what that really means. At Arcardia, its more than just recruiting bait, it’s a lifestyle. For instance, they have a talent show called “Arcadia’s Got Talent”, where people are encouraged to showcase their talents and win up to $1000! They offer “Arcadia Cinema” twice a week, which features a family feature film and either a film that focuses on social injustice or an adult comedy film. They have remote fitness sessions twice a week, coffee hour, happy hour, wellness activities, activities around how to solve social injustice issues, and much much, more. Listen to this episode to learn about all that, which positions they need to fill, and how to apply.

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