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My Takeaways from “The Qualified Sales Leader”, by John McMahon

I just finished reading “The Qualified Sales Leader” by John McMahon, 5X CRO at start-ups that IPO’d, and a Board member and Advisor to a number of other notable companies— which make him the G.O.A.T.

If you’re a Founder, CEO, Sales Leader, or anyone else in the sales ecosystem, especially if you want to know how the GOATS of Growth lead and scale world-class sales teams, this is a must read. 

To that end, as an experienced recruiter and interviewer, I’ve learned to read between the lines and l obsess about what’s NOT being said. It helps me recognize patterns of behavior that typically lead to success–or failure. 

When I read John’s book, I took the same approach. It’s not a review of the book, or even a summary of the book, but it’s focused on the major takeaways I got from the book that weren’t always said, but what I understood certain things to mean–especially when identify and recruiting talent. 

In fact, most people will find my takeaways bland and nothing spectacular–or even new. 

But that’s the point. 

It shines a big, glaring light on basic, practical, fundamental leadership and management principles that, frankly, a lot of people know, but just don’t commit to.

There is a tale John tells in the book called “The Fox and the Hedgehog”, that illustrates this well. 

This book starts with the basics, which are a great reminder for all of us. 


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