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Process, Preparation and Performance, with Dale Brown

My guest, Dale Brown, is the Chief Revenue Officer at PachyDerm. Pachyderm is the leader in data versioning and pipelines for MLOps and they provide the data foundation that allows science teams to automate and scale their machine learning lifecycle. Dale’s vast career has consistently put him at the intersection of sales execution, revenue, product development, and go-to-market results.

In todays episode we discuss,

  • Coaching and selling with confidence.
  • Preparation for positive performance.
  • Developing trust within your teams.
  • How to shorten a sales process.
  • The timing in adopting and engaging in new ways.
  • Identifying friction points in a sales process.
  • Outlining deliverables and validating outcomes.


Sales, hiring, coaching, data driven performance, outlining outcomes – This episode is full of key insights and value. Let us know your key takeaway from this episode.

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