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Ryan Burke, How To Lead A Fully Distributed Team From Start-Up To Unicorn

Can a venture-backed start-up scale to become a unicorn in a world where they might be forced into a hiring a fully distributed team?

The answer is yes. In this episode, you’ll hear Ryan Burke, former Head of Sales at InvisionApp, discuss how they had 35 remote employees when he arrived and how they had over 850 people (fully distributed) around the globe , and over $100M in ARR.

You’ll hear Ryan talk about the 3 C’s that were integral to making it all happen.

Ryan is currently open to other opportunities where there is clear product-market-fit, but still in the building phase where they haven’t quite figured everything out. He’s also offering workshops on building a remote culture for senior management, front-line managers, and individual contributors. You find out more about it all here at

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