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The Mechanics of Building an Early-Stage Sales Org

If you’re a Founder or an early-stage Sales Leader, you’ll appreciate and recognize many of the topics covered in my latest podcast interview with Brian Benedict, Global Vice President of Sales at Narrator. 

If you aspire to be, on the precipice of, or have just started your journey as an expeditionary sales leader, you’ll appreciate learning about the mechanics of what it takes to get the flywheel moving. 

And, if you’re an individual contributor aspiring to, or are currently working for an early-stage start-up, you’ll get a sense of what it takes to succeed and the expectations of you in such an environment. 

Some of the topics we discussed include:

GTM StrategyShould you go up market or down market and why?Pricing structureWhat should you be focused on from day oneSecuring the right meeting with the right people How he had 5 meeting set before his first day at one company What should your tech stack include? Creating processes and systems What goes in the playbook? When to iterate or not Who to hire first and why?The challenges founders could experience if they hire for the wrong position first What kind of experience should the first members of the sales team have?Which traits and core competencies should you screen for? How do you assign quota (or not) in the absence of precedent and much data? How to build a repeatable motion When should you scale and how

Enjoy the episode.

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