The Waiter Who Got Lucky: A Story of Success

My guest for today’s episode is Rob Brewster, the CEO of GoFormz. His introduction into the world of sales is an incredible story, beginning as he waited tables and ending when his regular customer, a VP of Sales, asked Rob to join his team. Talking with him now, after years of experience in various companies beyond the restaurant scene, Rob applies all he’s learned to propel the success of GoFormz. Rob focuses on the company’s culture, it’s close-knit people and their overall impact, considering transparency, integrity, and frugality as foundational components of their success. As he hires new people, he looks for smart and motivated, saying these qualities, and his ability to place them in a position to succeed, is the winning move. Looking to reach out to Rob Brewster? Find him on LinkedIn, Wanting to onboard, coach, and arm your sales team with the right information at the right time? Do it with Allego, the sponsor of this episode. Email me at so I can personally introduce you to someone who will take great care of you. And of course, a big thanks to Allego, for being a sponsor. And, like always, Over Quota is sponsored by the j. David Group, a retained sales search firm for lean start-ups. If you’re looking to hire a sales leader for your next stage of growth, please visit

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