If Positive Energy Had A Name, It Would Be Larry Long Jr.

This episode, I welcome the embodiment of positive energy and Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks, Larry Long Jr. Truly a pleasure to talk with, Larry embraces life as with two feet on the ground, an unbreakable optimism, and a readiness to choose happiness with every stride. As a sales director for athletes, he offers a wealth of advice to lead with a bright and active energy, to build a sales team of match-makers not “me-monsters”. What motivates Larry the most is his impact on others, making his schedule piled high of positive engagement with those around him, whether it be regular acts of kindness towards his social sphere, or on larger platforms like his YouTube channel, podcasts, or public speaking. It’s hard not to smile when hearing from Larry Long Jr., and even harder to leave feeling anything less than empowered to follow his lead and choose happiness. Want a weekly dose of Larry Long Jr’s positivity? Find him on YouTube at Larry Long Jr. He can also be found on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/longjr7/ or Twitter @LarryLongJr. And a big thanks to our sponsor, Allego. Want to know how to onboard, coach, and arm your sales team with the right information at the right time? Check out Allego, the market leader for virtual learning and enablement solutions. Email me at webb@thejaydavidgroup.com, so I can personally introduce you to someone who will take great care of you at Allego. And, like always, Over Quota is sponsored by the j. David Group, a retained sales search firm for lean start-ups. If you’re looking to hire a sales leader for your next stage of growth, please visit thejdavidgroup.com.

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