An Interview With One Of My Best Candidates–9 Years Later

Today’s episode, I welcome one of my best candidates from 9 years ago, Zachary Rego, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Unstack and host of the podcast “Zero to a Million”. Supported by stories of remarkable victories and impactful learning experiences, Zach walks me through the path of his career leading to his work at Unstack. Here, Zach’s talent is put to work building teams, expanding the company’s visibility through creative platforms like blogs, and finding unique ways to engage with prospects in ways that are mutually beneficial. By the end of the interview, we discuss the common challenges start-ups face, ways of assessing your business’s stage of growth for hiring, and the exciting business plans Zach has in store.

Find Zach on Linked in at and check out his podcast “Zero to a Million”!

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