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An Interview With The Man Who Literally Coined The Phrase “Sales Enablement”, Roderick Jefferson

Get ready to revolutionize your sales enablement strategy with an expert who knows the secret to unlocking unprecedented growth. In this episode, I sit down with Roderick Jefferson, renowned CEO of Roderick Jefferson and Associates, to delve into the world of sales enablement.

Are you struggling to align your sales enablement efforts with the hiring process? Feeling stuck in a constant cycle of trial and error? Well, Roderick is here to show you the way out. He unveils the game-changing approach of creating the ideal candidate profile and demonstrates how it can supercharge your sales enablement initiatives. But that’s not all – we explore the true nature of sales enablement as an ongoing journey of improvement and growth. Roderick shares his groundbreaking Sales Enablement System, a powerful tool that tracks and reports on your sales team’s progress.

Discover the critical importance of ongoing communication, iterative processes, and change management to ensure your sales enablement efforts achieve remarkable results.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your sales enablement strategy to new heights. Join us as we unlock the secrets of aligning, improving, and succeeding in the dynamic world of sales enablement. Click this link for a 7 Day Free Trial of Customer Conversations. 

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