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How Writing A Book Can Benefit You And Your Customers

My guest, Brent Keltner, is making his second appearance on Over Quota. After this episode, go back and listen to episode 73 where he talks about the 3 pillars of growth acceleration.

Brent is the Founder and President of Winalytics, which helps clients reach their top growth potential by shifting from product-driven conversations to authentic conversations that anchor on buyer-defined value. Prior to Winalytics he spent 10 years as a revenue leader in early-stage and enterprise companies and 10 years as a PhD Social Scientist at Stanford and the Rand Corporation.  He’s also the author of “The Revenue Acceleration Playbook: Creating An Authentic Buyer Journey Across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success”

In this episode we discuss what he learned from promoting his book, the impact writing a book had on his busines, and the major takeaways that readers of the book have gotten. 

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